Welcome to NPSec 2009

The 5th workshop on Secure Network Protocols (NPSec) is a one-day event held in conjunction with ICNP 2009. NPSec focuses on two general areas. The first focus is on the development and analysis of secure or hardened protocols for the operation (establishment and maintenance) of network infrastructure, including such targets as secure multidomain, ad hoc, sensor or overlay networks, or other related target areas. This can include new protocols, enhancements to existing protocols, protocol analysis, and new attacks on existing protocols. The second focus is on employing such secure network protocols to create or enhance network applications. Examples include collaborative firewalls, incentive strategies for multiparty networks, and deployment strategies to enable secure applications.

NPSec 2009 particularly welcomes new ideas on security in the context of future Internet design, such as architectural considerations for future Internet security and new primitives for supporting secure network protocol and application design.