Computers Could Talk Themselves into Giving Up Secrets

October 30, 2014

Wenke Lee, the Georgia Tech professor who led the work, says the problems appear to be the result of incorporating speech recognition and other features into phones late in the development cycle. "These features were added after the OS had been implemented, so they don’t have the same kinds of security checks,” says Lee. Read More >

Hackers Could Build an iPhone Botnet — Thanks to Windows

August 1, 2014

"Many people believe large-scale infections of iOS devices aren’t possible." says Tielei Wang, one of three researchers who will present the research at the Black Hat security conference next week and at the Usenix security conference later this month. "iOS itself is very secure. But if you consider the whole ecosystem, you can see that PCs play an important role, and they’re very likely to be compromised. That leaves the iPhone in an insecure state too." Read More >

The Heartbleed Bug Goes Even Deeper Than We Realized — Here’s What You Should Do

April 11, 2014

"In the case of home routers, if it's a router that you purchased yourself, almost all of them provide the capability to disable remote access," Adam Allred, a research technologist at the Georgia Tech College of Computing, told The Huffington Post. Read More >

China’s unsupported XP machines hold the potential to become a massive botnet army

How vulnerable they actually are depends on the overall risk footprint for the system – the hardware, operating system, applications and security, says Paul Royal, a research scientist and associate director of the Georgia Tech Information Security Center.

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