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Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computing Engineering

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Georgia Tech Research Institute


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Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P)
The I3P Funding Opportunities Service provides funding announcements and opportunities in the broad area of information infrastructure protection.


National Security Agency
National Security Agency / Security Recommendation Guides
Includes recommendations on Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows NT, Cisco Router Guides, & E-mail and Executable Content Guides


Mircosoft TechNet
Microsoft TechNet Security
Hotfix and Security Bulletins, Tools and Checklists, Best Practices, How-To, Virus Protection Strategies, Training, and more…


The Center for Internet Security
The Center for Internet Security
The CIS helps organizations to effectively manage the risks related to information security. Includes Benchmarks and Security Tools.


Computer Incident Advisory Capability
Computer Incident Advisory Capability

CIAC provides leading edge cyber security solutions.


Georgia Stop Identity Theft Network
Georgia Stop Identity Theft Network
The Georgia Stop Identity Theft Network provides information to victims, businesses and law enforcement about identity theft, including ways to prevent it.


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering/Institution of Engineering and Technology (IEEE/IET) Electronic Library

National Information Assurance Training and Education Consortium (NIATEC)