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Information Security In AtlantA, GeorGIA FAQ, September 2010

Atlanta, Georgia is a top ranking city in the world in respect to Information Security. Atlanta possesses the focus and resources across academia, non-profit organizations, security associations, and companies to solve the information security challenge and guard against cyber-terrorism.


Security Education and Research

Security Associations and Non-profit Organizations

Security Companies


Security Education and Research

Emory University Information Technology Division

Georgia Institute of Technology
*Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC)
Vision: Effective information security in the context of real-world problems will only be achieved through user-centered approaches that integrate technology research and policy research.
Mission: Invent and evaluate the key innovative user-centric security technologies and policies that will yield significant impact. Educate future researchers, policy makers, and information security leaders, and train current professionals in the most up-to-date methods for securing information systems. Provide a trusted set of resources and a safe haven where individuals and industrial, academic, and government organizations can access, understand, and evaluate issues related to new technologies and policies.

*ATDC (Advanced Technology Development Center)
The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) is a nationally recognized science and technology incubator that helps Georgia entrepreneurs launch and build successful companies. Founded in 1980, the Advanced Technology Development Center has provided business incubation and acceleration services to hundreds of Georgia startups—most of which are not based on Georgia Tech research, but which benefit from the close proximity to the university. ATDC currently has three facilities; two at Georgia Tech's main campus in Atlanta, and one at Georgia Tech's satellite campus in Savannah.

Kennesaw State University
Mission: The primary purpose of the Center is to provide information on information security educational opportunities and initiatives in the KSU community. The Center also serves to increase the level of information security awareness in the KSU community.

The Sam Nunn Policy Forum
The Sam Nunn Bank of America Policy Forum is an annual meeting that brings together noted academic, government, and private sector experts on international affairs, public policy, and technology to address issues of immediate and future importance to the nation. Developed from former Senator Sam Nunn’s concept of educating citizens about the important issues facing them, the forum is designed to foster informed discussion of critical issues confronting the United States as it begins the twenty-first century. Offering a significant venue for policy-relevant research and dialogue, the forum transcends disciplinary boundaries and engages scholars, practitioners and students.

University of Georgia

Atlanta-based Security Associations and Non-profit Organizations

Here are associations and organizations that promote cyber security that are open for security professionals to join, build relationships, collaborate, and share security information.

Infragard Atlanta
Mission: To provide a public-private partnership and platform for the confidential exchange of Internet and Information Systems related security information among members to enable business and infrastructure protection. Vision: To operate as the highly-regarded, definitive source of information dedicated to the protection of critical national infrastructures.

Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)
Mission: Founded in 1969, ISACA sponsors international conferences, publishes the Information Systems Control Journal, develops international information systems auditing and control standards, and administers the globally respected Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) designation earned by more than 35,000 professionals since inception, and the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) designation, a groundbreaking credential earned by 5,000 professionals in its first two years.

Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)
The Metro Atlanta Information Systems Security Association (GAISSA) is a non-profit group dedicated to providing educational and networking opportunities to promote the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and member's growth within the information security profession.

Georgia Electronic Commerce Association (GECA)
The goal of the group is to gather fragmented on information security practices and extend them where necessary around a process that assists in defining the context under which they should be applied. This final document will be more than a listing of practices and procedures; it will also aid readers in defining what a proportional security and business continuity response means for their enterprise and how to apply these practices and procedures in their environment. This is a working group on Information Security.

Security Companies

There are many security companies with offices in Atlanta, but here is a long list of security companies that have made Atlanta their World Headquarters or America’s HQ. Many of these companies have raised a significant amount of venture capital and are growing at rapid rates.

Motorola Air Defense (purchased by Motorola, 2008)
AirDefense is a thought leader and innovator of wireless LAN security and operational support solutions. Jay Chaudhry is Executive Chairman & Co-Founder and Michael J. Potts is President and CEO.

nCircle is security policy enforcement software that continuously monitors the network for changes and provides administrators with immediate information necessary to effect timely remediation. Enterprises using nCircle have been able to reduce time spent on reporting for security audits by more than 50%, while also demonstrating a substantially improved security and compliance posture. Abe Kleinfeld is President and Chief Executive Officer. Tim Keanini is CTO.

Courion works within an organization's existing IT environment to provide immediate pain point relief, securely automating routine, manual processes for user provisioning, password management, audit and regulatory compliance, and profile management. Christopher Zannetos is President and CEO and Brian Milas is Chief Technology Officer.

Cyber threats. Botnets. Advanced Persistent Threats. Advanced Malware. Cyber Espionage. Whatever you call it, the bad guys want corporate financial information, customer data, intellectual property, or access to enterprise networks to launch cyber attacks on other organizations. It happened to Google, Adobe, and hundreds of other companies that did not report the incidents.  And for the first time in history, Fortune 500 companies are now disclosing this threat in their SEC filings, alongside other global risks to shareholder value.

The threat has evolved; so should corporate security practices. There is only one company that has been focused on analyzing and preparing for this threat since 2005.

Digitalstakeout’s vulnerability assessment services provide detailed testing, reporting, and fixes. Their services remotely evaluate Internet enabled servers and appliances (web, mail, application), firewalls, IDS systems, switches and routers, (including all Unix and Windows systems), and expose vulnerabilities and potential exploits by providing an “outside” perspective of the system. Adam Mikrut is President and CEO and Matthew Caldwell is CTO.

Endgame Systems
Endgame Systems provides innovative software solutions to meet customers security needs in cyberspace. Our products include real-time IP reputation data, protection of customers' critical information, proactive data analysis, and cutting edge vulnerability research. Endgame's highly skilled workforce provides a full range of engineering services and solutions that raise awareness of emerging threats, and help prevent and respond to those threats globally. The company was founded by a proven leadership team with a record of success in the information security industry and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS) ISS acquired by IBM, Sept. 2006.
ISS is a premier security research, products, and services company, serving the Global 500 and world governments for a decade. Thomas E. Noonan is President & Chief Executive Officer, Christopher W. Klaus is a Founder & Chief Security Advisor, and Christopher J. Rouland is Chief Technology Officer

Lancope's market-leading StealthWatch® family of products is the only Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) solution that combines flow-based anomaly detection and network performance monitoring into a single, highly integrated enterprise platform. By delivering unified visibility across physical and virtual networks, StealthWatch eliminates network blind spots and reduces total network and security management costs. Lancope is the leading provider of next-generation network security solutions that deliver behavior-based intrusion detection, policy enforcement and insightful network intelligence. Harland K. LaVigne Chairman is CEO and President and Adam Powers is the Chief Technology Officer.

Oversight provides real time monitoring of automated financial systems to detect, prevent, and deter financial loss by identifying fraud, abuse, and errors. Patrick Taylor is the CEO and H. Keith Cooley is Vice President, Engineering.

Reflex Security
Reflex Security is a next generation Intrusion Detection and Prevention software company. Pete Privateer is President & CEO and Hezi Moore is Founder & CTO (Founder)

Reflective offers enterprise-level software quality, code readiness and software security solutions designed to enable the enterprise to do a better job of generating better, safer software. The Department of Homeland Security awarded Relfective a research grant for its work with Georgia Tech in the arena of dynamic software security testing. Dave Clauson is the Founder and CEO, Jeff Radcliffe is the Chief Operating Officer, and Jonathan Amsler as the SeniorVice President Product Development

Securiant Inc is a pioneer in the development of integrated network security solutions for the mid-size and distributed enterprise. Richard Campbell is the founder and CEO

Secure Computing, merged with CipherTrust September 2006, purchased by McAfee, 2008
Secure Computing’s products protect the email systems of the world’s most respected organizations. Dan Ryan is President and CEO. Tim Steinkopf is Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Mike Gallagher is Senior Vice President of Product Development and Support. Longtime GTISC partner CipherTrust merged with Secure Computing Corp in September 2006.

SecureWorks offers four services that implement defense in depth: intrusion prevention at the network level, intrusion prevention at the host level, firewall management service, and vulnerability assessment. Michael R. Cote is President and CEO and Jon Ramsey is Chief Technology Officer

SpiDynamics, acquired by Hewlett-Packard June 2007
SPI Dynamics, the expert in business application security testing and assessment, provides products that empower organizations to address flaws in the application layer throughout the lifecycle, and assess the risk associated with current business applications that are already in active use within the corporate environment. Brian Cohen is President and CEO and Caleb Sima is a founder and CTO

StoneSoft Corporation (HEX: SFT1V) is a worldwide company headquartered in Finland with a major office here in Atlanta, which is focused on enterprise-level network protection and business continuity assurance. Its StoneGate security platform unifies firewall, VPN, and IPS to deliver defense agility combined with high availability for business-critical applications. StoneGate incorporates the award-winning load-balancing technology of StoneBeat. Ilkka Hiidenheimo is the founder and CEO and Mika Javala is CTO

Symantec, the large information security company, has several clients in the area and maintains an Enterprise Training Location in Atlanta. Provides security, storage, and systems management solutions. Enrique Salem is President and CEO. Mark Bregman is Vice President and CTO.

Trusted Network Technology (TNT)
TNT helps control users and protects assets on enterprise networks by coupling strong identification of users – at the packet level – with effective inline policy enforcement to ensure that only authorized users can connect to protected systems and applications. Stephen Gant is founder and Chairman. Ken Walters is President.

Since its inception in 2000, Vigilar, an information security consulting company, has focused solely on improving its customers’ security postures. Vigilar’s security expertise is all-encompassing and includes regulatory compliance services, risk assessments, IT security audits, managed security services, security architecture design, product selection and delivery, implementation services, technical support, and IT and security training. Vigilar partners with the industry’s most innovative information security technology providers to offer fully integrated solutions that meet risk management, network infrastructure, and compliance needs. With offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas, Vigilar serves a diverse customer base that numbers in the thousands and spans a broad range of industries. James Fox is President and CEO. Brendan Burns is CFO.

Fully acquired by Siemens in 2009.
VistaScape Security Systems offers a video surveillance solution that displays a bird’s eye view of an entire environment on one screen, enabling immediate security situation awareness. VistaScape secures facilities with or without existing perimeter barriers by combining input from multiple cameras with other sophisticated, site-specific sensor data that allow enforcement of customized security policies in real-time, pinpointing security violations before they occur. Automated alerts enable guards to respond more quickly. Johannes Milde is CEO and Heribert Stumpf is CFO.

WiKID Systems
WiKID Systems, Inc., has developed a commercial open source two-factor authentication. A unique architecture combines strong asymmetric encryption with Blackberries, cell phones, Palms, PocketPCs, Windows, Linux and Apple PCs to create an one-time password system that is as strong as hardware tokens with all the flexibility and benefits of a software tokens. WiKID's unique automatic initial validation system, ease of implementation, host/mutual authentication, and transaction authentication capabilities make WiKID effective for both VPN authentication and online banking. Founded by Nick Owen and Eric Shoemaker

Damballa protects businesses from bot-driven targeted attacks used for organized, online crime by using the Internet cloud to identify and isolate threats that evade other technologies. Our unique, global approach monitors the Command-and-Control that coordinates botnet attacks to rapidly identify compromised systems and enable immediate control of malicious activity. Started in 2006 with core Technology from Georgia Tech. Steven Linowes is CEO

Endgames Systems is an early stage information security startup
serving the unique R&D needs of the Federal and Defense sectors.

Purewire™ secures business and social interactions on the Web, keeping the Web a place where users can be productive and safe. Purewire is the only vendor that addresses the complete Web security threat landscape, providing unique algorithms and scalable services to protect users from malicious people, places and things on the Web™. Purewire’s massively scalable, multi-tenant service infrastructure ensures end users notice no delay when accessing the Web, while at the same time providing the highest level of security in the industry. Steve Raber is Chairman and Paul Judge is CTO.