Vision Statement

Faculty and Staff

College of Computing

Mustaque Ahamad

Security in pervasive computing environments, secure distributed computing, 404-894-2593

Mostafa Ammar

Secure multicast infrastructure, content protection for multicast services, 404-894-3292

Herb Baines

Chief Information Security Officer, Georgia Tech

Sasha Boldyreva


Russ Clark

Network Security, 404-894-6705

Richard DeMillo

Distinguished Professor, 404-385-4273

Yan Zhong Ding

Cryptography, randomness in computation, 404-385-2880

Keith Edwards

Nick Feamster

Seymour Goodman

Impacts of information technologies on international affairs, national security, and defense policy. Assurance and security of critical international infrastructure, Habersham Bldg., 404-385-1461

Jonathon Giffin

Mary Jean Harrold

Program analysis based software engineering, with an emphasis on regression testing, analysis and testing of imperative and object-oriented software, development of software tools, and investigation of the scalability issues of these techniques, through algorithm development and empirical evaluation., 404-385-0612

Wenke Lee

Intrusion detection, 404-385-2879

Richard Lipton

Cryptography, 404-894-6438

Ling Liu

Data privacy, secure distributed computing, 404-385 1139

Sham Navathe

Secure databases, 404-894-0537

Alex Orso

Security through static and dynamic analysis, 404-385-2066

Christopher J. Peikert


Colin Potts

Privacy requirements, 404-894-5551

Calton Pu

Survivable systems, 404-385-1106

Paul Royal

Network and System Security

Howard Schmidt

Professor-of-Practice, CISSP, CISM

Karsten Schwan

System mechanisms for building secure distributed services, 404-894-2589

Patrick Traynor

Assistant Professor

Vijay V. Vazirani

Design of algorithms, especially approximation and randomized. Algorithmic coding theory and theory, complexity theory and cryptography, 404-894-5850

H. Venkateswaran

Secure distributed computing, 404-894-3658

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Manos Antonakakis

Computer and network security, anomaly detection, data mining and machine learning

Raheem Beyah

Wired and wireless network security, device fingerprinting, 404-894-2531

Doug Blough

Dependable distributed systems, 404-385-1271

Ed Coyle

Physical-layer security of wireless networks, 404-894-4813

John Copeland

Digital communications network security, 404-894-5177

Faramarz Fekri

Cryptography, 404-894-3335

Henry Owen

Intrusion detection & network security, 404-894-4126

Arif Selcuk Uluagac

Wired and wireless network security, critical infrastructure security, 404-894-0630

Georgia Tech Research Institute

John Balsam

Systems Technology & Analysis Division, Electronic Systems Laboratory, 404-407-7943

Eric Barnhart

Information Technology and Telecommunications Laboratory
Cyber Operations / Information Operations, Network Warfare and Mobile Systems

William Borland

Secure enterprise information systems, secure mission-critical architectures, 404-407-8431

Al Brzeczko

Electronic Systems Laboratory
Information Operations, Network Security, Honeynets, & Tactical Data Links, 404-407-6993

Joshua L. Davis, CISSP, C|EH

Open Technology, Cyber Technology and Information Security, GTRI
open source software, open security, ethical hacking, 404-407-7554

Jeff Evans

Secure network routing protocols, information assurance in multi-protocol network environments, network and systems security engineering, 404-407-8245

Kyle W. Harrigan

Information Operations, Electronic Systems Laboratory, 404-407-7115

Jack Hart

Information Operations, Electronic Systems Laboratory, 404-407-7139

Terry Hilderbrand, 404-407-6523

Jason Kau

Security in network management platforms and systems, IP security, secure network operating systems, information security in wireless networks, 404-894-8806

Jeff Moulton

Information Operations, Electronic Systems Laboratory, CISSP, PMP, OPSA, IAM, IEM, 404-407-7628

Matthew Moyer

Identity Management, Identity Federation, and Privilege Management, 404-407-6679

Chris Rankine

Information Technology and Telecommunications Laboratory
Information Operations and Security Policy

Christopher Smoak

Electronic Systems Laboratory
Malware, Reverse Engineering, 404-407-6979

George Thurmond

Security in electronic commerce, security policies, public key infrastructure, 404-894-4118

John Wandelt

Public key infrastructures, secure distributed computing, security policies, 404-894-8956

Mike Witten

Information assurance in wireless communication networks and mobile/fielded mission-critical network systems, 404-407-7363

Betty Whitaker

Applied artificial intelligence, intelligent tutoring systems, intelligent agents, case-based reasoning, Internet voting, knowledge management, 404-407-6656

George A. Wright

Chief Engineer, Electronic Systems Laboratory, 404-407-7296


Saby Mitra

Sridhar Narasimhan

Information technology infrastructure management and outsourcing, 404.894.4378


Prasad Tetali

Number theory, cryptography, 404-894-9238

Public Policy

Richard Barke, 404-894-8282

Hans Klein

Internet governance, democratic uses of Internet, global regulation, institutional design, 404-894-2258